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King Soopers/City Market

Location: Multiple locations throughout Colorado and Utah
Client: The Kroger Co.
Since 2000, Galloway has represented King Soopers and City Market on behalf of The Kroger Co. for new sites, store remodels, and expansions throughout Colorado and Utah. Galloway also maintains Kroger's nationwide standards for fueling installations under all of their different banners.

Store sites vary in acreage, scope, and complexity. The Kroger Co. uses a wide variety of store formats to support a diverse customer base and varied product line, and Galloway keeps pace with their needs by providing a full range of services and effectively communicating both in-house and with the client.

Galloway provides The Kroger Co. with extensive experience in coordinating with multiple developers, owners, consultants, municipalities, districts, and the community. This experience meets King Soopers' and City Market's functional requirements while satisfying municipal and development-specific regulations within budgetary and scheduling constraints.