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The Home Depot

Location: Multiple locations throughout northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah
Size: 8 to 12 acres for stand-alone stores, 50 to 100 acres as anchors for larger commercial developments.
Building size - 80,000 to 130,000 square feet, not including garden center.
Since 2000, Galloway has provided development services to The Home Depot, serving as site development coordinator (SDC) as well as architect and civil engineer for projects throughout the western and northwestern United States.

In addition to providing new construction services, other projects for The Home Depot include remodeling existing buildings to accommodate new Home Depot stores, resolving disputes between various municipalities and The Home Depot for existing stores, and the design and permitting of outparcel lots on existing sites for other users.

In any of the previously mentioned capacities, coordination and consensus building with multiple developers, owners, consultants, municipalities, districts, neighborhood groups, and the general public is a central part of Galloway's SDC role for The Home Depot. Galloway's experience and ability to work with various stakeholders proves valuable for maintaining The Home Depot's functional requirements while satisfying municipal and development-specific regulations within budgetary and scheduling constraints.

For the SDC program, Galloway assigned a single key consultant to conduct all preliminary investigation, manage all entitlement processes and consultants throughout the project, and represent the team to the public in coordination with The Home Depot's real estate managers, construction managers, and legal team.

On projects for which Galloway provided civil engineering services (approximately 50 sites), Galloway's civil engineering team designed and coordinated all aspects of the site design from permitting, through construction, and into project closeout. The interaction between SDC's and civil engineers throughout the course of projects and within The Home Depot's team structure helped streamline the overall development program and expedite communication to ensure cost-effective solutions for the client.