E. Harmony Road, Timnath, CO
Sam's Remodel -- S. Abilene Street, Aurora, CO

Walmart & Sam's Club

Location: Multiple locations throughout Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming
Size: 35,000 to 195,000 square feet
Since 2004, Galloway has provided development services for Walmart Stores, Inc., for new store development and remodels. For each Walmart project, Galloway extensively coordinates with Walmart's designated design and real estate managers and Galloway's chosen subconsultant team. Galloway also provides coordination for city processes, developer negotiations, internal Walmart submittal requirements, and project schedules and budgets. Additionally, Galloway helps the project stay on course by proactively coordinating with the communities that Walmart and Sam's Club will serve.

Each Walmart and Sam's Club project varies in complexity and size. The anchor lot is utilized for the building while the balance of the development includes one to five outlots. Most projects require offsite public infrastructure design and coordination with related approval authorities.

Galloway also effectively meets the challenges associated with Walmart's stormwater compliance process. Walmart employs a stormwater compliance team that requires extensive internal review of all stormwater related issues prior to any submittal to state agencies for approval. Partly due to Walmart's extensive storm water management requirements, Galloway outpaces many engineering firms in stormwater management compliance and is on the forefront of the ever-changing stormwater management methods. As part of keeping pace with current standards, Galloway employs three certified professional erosion and sediment control (CPESC) engineers.

Galloway's services to Walmart Stores, Inc. also include planning and engineering for existing site rehabilitation/repair as well as existing store remodel/expansion. Galloway's complete services as well as in-house estimating and excellent field knowledge of current construction methods help provide cost-effective solutions to existing store and site issues in a timely fashion while still keeping site rehabilitation costs down and within budget. Additionally, Galloway employs a certified site lighting design specialist who provides site lighting (photometric) design for Walmart stores nation-wide.