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Fueling System Design

As a long-time leader in the fueling industry, Galloway offers complete fueling design services. Galloway's roots are within the fueling industry, and we have effectively managed development programs for fueling and convenience store facilities for more than 30 years, having completed more than 2,000 fueling projects across the nation. Our organizational structure is designed to maintain client confidentiality while managing clients with similar goals. Additionally, our extensive experience enables us to effectively address operational and branding needs while satisfying review agency and development-specific regulations.

With Galloway's comprehensive in-house services, all your fueling needs can be met, including site assessment, due diligence coordination, building design, site design, car wash design, entitlements and permitting, landscape architecture, lighting analysis and design, and ADA compliance.


Fueling System Design Services

  • Underground storage tank systems
  • Above-ground storage tank systems
  • Fuel piping systems
  • Private fleet fueling
  • Spill prevention, control and countermeasure (SPCC) plans
  • Photometric and energy efficiency evaluation
  • Backup generator systems
  • Distribution facility fueling
  • Airport fueling
  • Marina fueling

Fueling System Design Gallery