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Interior Design

Galloway offers complete interior design services, from space planning and conceptual design to final finish selection and tenant improvement projects. Our team works closely with the client through all phases of the project and is dedicated to ensuring the client's vision is realized. Our broad experience ranges from first-time studio owners who have creative ideas for a non-traditional yoga studio; to designing office and conference spaces for  storage facilities that are now used as the standard in each of their new locations; to outfitting large retail core and shell buildings to meet the client's store prototype. We offer strategic design solutions that enhance customer experience, generate interest and ensure brand consistency, while adhering to strict schedules and budgets. Our team values client relationships and fosters long-term relationships to ensure client satisfaction.

Interior Design Services

  • Space planning and conceptual design
  • Construction phase document and administration services
  • Test fits
  • Prototype development
  • Implementing store prototypes to modify core and shell or turn key buildings
  • Tenant improvement design
  • Remodels
  • Code adhesion while maintaining client design and vision
  • Finish selections
  • LEED accredited staff



Interior Design Gallery