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With the implementation of LED lighting and more challenging city ordinances, site lighting specifications have become more comprehensive. While safety is always a primary concern, so is sustainability and being a good neighbor. Since 1995, Galloway has provided lighting analysis and design for new construction and remodel projects. Our extensive experience in photometrics makes us the ideal choice to satisfy a project's various review agency and development-specific regulations.

Galloway's lighting design for sites and building exteriors uses the latest tools and techniques and is conducted by professionals highly trained in utilizing current software, modeling parking lot obstructions, and reviewing and applying site lighting code criteria. We are certified by Cree, LSI Industries and General Electric.


Photometrics Benefits

  • Effectively address local ordinances
  • Improve site safety
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Create sustainability-eliminate fixtures containing lead and mercury, and reduce waste stream
  • Create customized lighting solutions
  • Improve light distribution, visual acuity,  and vertical illumination while reducing glare and light trespass


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